Level 3 Certificate in Principles of Human Resource (HR) Practice

Level 3 Certificate in Principles of Human Resource (HR) Practice

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The best HR Qualification at foundation level – it will advance your career. Delivered by tutors who advise the HR teams of Britain’s biggest companies. Superb practical course that gets you work ready. On completion learners earn professional status and the letters ‘Assoc IOR (Cert)’ after their name. Book your place now!

What makes this course unique in HR

  1. World-Class learning content that is more practical than other HR courses.
  2. On completion you earn the letters Assoc IOR (Cert) after your name.
  3. The course is designed for business growth and business protection.
  4. Our tutors advise the HR teams of Britain’s biggest companies & government.
  5. You become qualified for a career in HR and In-House Recruitment.
  6. Delivered in a much higher quality learning environment.
  7. Learning centres all over the UK & international. Call or email for details.
  8. Adult loans and flexible payment terms are available.
  9. This HR course is designed for business protection and growth.
  10. Free membership of the IOR, a professional HR institute is included.
  11. Free legal & HR help line is included while you study.
  12. This course is at Level 3 (Foundation Level) & takes 7 months to complete.
  13. Much of the learning is online and you attend 7 workshop days.

Email us at: learn@theior.org.uk or Call us now on: 0871 288 2108

Government funding is available for this course

You can apply for a 24+ Advanced Learning Loan. IOR Business School has partnered with Dimensions Training Solutions, who are accountable to the Skills Funding Agency (SFA) and Ofsted, to provide this course with Government backed funding. Through Dimensions Training Solutions, you can access your 24+ Advanced Learning Loan, if you meet the criteria.

The two main conditions are:

  • You need to be aged 24 or over
  • You need to be a UK citizen.


Would a 24+ Advanced Learning Loan make any difference to my course?

Yes, when you study using this kind of funding, “Dimensions Training Solutions” deliver your course and it does offer considerably more than the same one without the 24+ funding loan.

Enhanced course content

Six Employability and Independent Learning Skills (EILS) modules are embedded in the content of your course: Maths, English, Digital Life Skills, Confidence, Resilience and Meeting Deadlines.

You can choose to study a further four: Workplace Ready, Initiative, Teamwork and Problem Solving. These are all designed to boost your personal skill level and help your career progression.

Additional personal support

A Student Support Officer (SSO) will be assigned to you, so you have a single point of contact throughout your course to support you with any admin issues.

Dimensions Training Solutions regularly update the SFA with details of study hours, and evidence of learning, in order to responsibly account for your course funding.

You will have an Individual Learning Plan with a set “finish date” and your SSO is there to encourage and help you stay on course. This is in addition to your Assessor, who assesses your work and provides personal constructive feedback.